Thursday, 25 April 2013

The latest love in my life is called Dennis....we  have been living together for  nearly three weeks.  I observe him daily via a CCTV camera located in his new home and transmiited 24/7 onto my TV screen. Dennis is a cute tit, a blue one in fact,  and has worked tirelessly in his new home, cleaning the floor, bringingin nesting material and then chucking it out again. He goes to bed each evening at 8 o'clock....right now he's all tucked up and snoozing. I, of course, am patiently waiitng for Daphne to arrive to make Dennis happy.
I feel very protective towards my new lodger; he makes me smile and I tell Stanley not to bark too loud should he wake him up.  I hope he stays a while longer. I don't really mind if Dennis is a complete narcissist and doesn't meet Daphne. He is still very welcome.....

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